In their formative years, the Sweat Shaper team spent a lot of time worrying about their physique. Between dieting, making weight for the next wrestling match, or simply trying to fit in, staying in shape was a constant focus. One member of the team even recalls wearing a plastic garbage bag over his clothes to sweat off the weight. Fast forward to today, and we used what we learned to create Sweat Shaper.


Sweat Shaper is lined with our exclusive heat-trapping polymer fabric (better than any garbage bag) that accelerates your body's natural ability to produce heat. By creating a hot sauna-like effect, your core temperature rises so you can quickly turn up your workout and shed pounds fast!


Beyond just sweat, we realized that confidence and getting in shape go hand in hand. Have you ever felt self-conscious about working out in front of others? We did, and that's another way Sweat Shaper's performance compression fabric can help. You'll instantly look slimmer just by putting it on. It enhances the natural curves of your body and compresses for a smooth, flat look that ordinary workout clothes simply cannot provide.


For men and women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and invigorated through health and physical fitness.


Follow us and be inspired by those who have incorporated Sweat Shaper into their lifestyle and have made incredible transformations.