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What Are Compression Leggings, And How Do They Work?

What Are Compression Leggings, And How Do They Work?
Compression activewear and gear are becoming more and more popular among athletes and beginners alike and with good reason. Compression leggings and sweat enhancing activewear provide numerous benefits that can help you on your journey to lose weight, improve your physique, and achieve a healthier lifestyle in general. 

What are compressions leggings?

Lycra leggings are a thing of the past. Compression leggings and clothes, in general, are the next level of active sportswear that improves athletic performance, shapes the body, improves blood flow, and increases sweating.

Compression leggings, similar to spandex leggings, are made of an elastic and stretchy blend of materials that perfectly hugs and shapes your body and muscles while at the same time “compresses” and adds pressure to the targeted areas (butt, thighs).

In doing so, your body is complimented with a slimmer shape instantly the moment you wear them, and problematic areas that contain fatty tissue are “tucked in” and hidden. Additionally, the function of the fabric helps with muscle fatigue, muscle recovery, and enhanced sweating.

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How do compressions leggings work?

As mentioned earlier, sweat enhancing compression wear is made up of a unique blend of stretchy and elastic fabrics that add pressure to the body and seal off the heat, increasing your sweat rate.

Due to their compression feature, the muscles are held together tight, which reduces the chances of muscle injury as it increases the body temperature and keeps the muscles warm.

Additionally, its elastic and compression fabric shape your body following your natural curves. It makes you look slimmer and more athletic as common problem areas that carry more fatty tissue like the waist, hips, butt, and thighs are compressed and reduced in size, discreetly shaping them.

What is the difference between compressions tights and leggings?

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between compressions leggings and tights, then you’re not alone.

The differences mainly come down to the type of fabric used. Usually, non-compression tights and leggings utilize sheer materials (similar to pantyhose). Additionally, they are also heavier and used as a substitute for yoga pants.

Something to note is that leggings and tights, in general, come in different shapes, sizes, and styles — full coverage, footless, with or without a bell bottom, etc.

In terms of materials used, compressions leggings are usually made up of a blend of lycra, polyester, and other fabrics. Our range of compression garments is made from a lightweight, neoprene free, polymer fabric which is superior to neoprene-based clothes which are a known cause of skin problems and allergic reactions.

Compression leggings and tights are also worn as a fashion statement, but at the same time, they also offer medical and performance-enhancer benefits.

6 benefits of compression clothing

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who simply wants to take advantage of the benefits of compression activewear to improve their physique, reach your fitness and weight loss goals, or anything in between, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of compression leggings and garments have to offer.

1. Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue

Compression clothes help increase your sports performance by reducing muscle fatigue and soreness. The compression feature “relaxes” and alleviates the pressure and strain put on your muscles when you work out or experience increased physical activity. Their effect works before, during, and after a workout.

2. Improved muscle oxygenation

When you experience increased physical activity, your muscles need oxygen to function correctly and to reach their full potential. Compression leggings improve the oxygenation of muscle tissue as they promote blood flow. 

3. Increases blood flow

Due to their compression ability and special elastic fabric utilization, the compression leggings promote blood flow, which means that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscles faster.

4. Increases sweating

The blend of fabrics is specially selected to increase the body temperature, seal the heat inside, and increase sweating. As you sweat more, you shed water weight faster for a sauna-like experience.

5. Speeds up recovery

When wearing compression garments, it helps speed up rebuilding the muscles after intense workouts and physical activity. Due to the tightness of the garments and the increased temperature, your muscles will recover faster as more blood passes through, and the swelling will go away quicker.

6. Instantly makes you look slimmer

A confidence boost is sometimes the one thing we need to help us stick to our plan and reach our goals. It’s not uncommon to take your first steps to improve your lifestyle through a healthier diet and a more active workout routine that you may feel vulnerable and unprepared to step into the gym


That’s alright, and it’s quite common; that’s where compression garments come in! They can give you an extra boost in confidence to take the next step to start your lifestyle changing journey.

Compression clothing is specifically designed to tuck in problematic areas of your body like your belly, butt, thighs, and waist and give it a natural-looking athletic shape. This isn’t just a confidence boost, but it helps you visualize your future self.


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